Warren was settled in 1737 as part of the Town of Kent.  In 1750 a separate ecclesiastical society called the Society of East Greenwich was established and a church was founded in 1756. In 1786 Warren was incorporated as a separate town.


The entrance of the Warren Historical Society.
Please visit us at 7 Sackett Hill Road. The entrance is in the rear of the building.
The office is open from 9 – 12 pm on Mondays and by appointment.


Glimpses into Warren’s almost 225 years of history are captured in the museum collection. Photos, objects, diaries and genealogies tell the stories of Warren’s families, homes, business and role in American history.


The Brick School and One-Room Schooling
2 PM Sunday,
February 9 at Lower Meeting Room
Town Hall
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The Brick School also called North School has the distinction of being the single-room schoolhouse with the longest record of continuous operation in the State of Connecticut.

Discover, celebrate and preserve Warren’s History for the benefit of its citizens and surrounding communities through its collections, programs and exhibits.


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Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical Society
This week in Warren history the Memorial Tree Planting and Beautification Project in Warren Center. Dedicated 54 years ago on July 23rd, 1967 at 11 am.
Memorials were:
Mina Coords for Frederick
Paul Gibbs for George Hopkins
Pricilla Grant for Robert
Sue Harvey for Porter Sr
Laurence Hendricks for Mother
Mrs. Hugo Johnson for James Lyne
Elizabeth Keith for George Jr.
Gertrude McAlevey for John
Mosman Family for Fannie Heft
Jill Moyston for John Guy
Mrs. Mulvehill for Edward
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Tanner for Eldred
Wichita Grange for Deceased Members
Garden Club for Mrs. Josephine Feller
Garden Club for Mr. James Lyne
John C. Wolfe Jr. for John Colvin Wolfe
John C. Wolfe Jr. For Laura Guyol
Carl E. Bierschenk for William Bierschenk
Map Legend:
Scale 1/16 inch = 3 feet
A – Grange Maple Grove
B – John Guy Moyston Maple
C – James Lyne Carlisi Viburnum
D – Josephine Feller Carlisi Viburnum
E - Rose of Sharon
F – Fire Dept Hopa Crabapple
G – Edward Mulvehill Pin Oak
H – Memorial Lilac Hedge
I - White Lilac
J - Pin Oak
K - Hemlock Grove
L - Pfitzer Juniper
M - Sugar Maples
Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical Society
I had my first visitor at the WHS HQ! Unfortunately, he was not interested in history, and a little annoyed that I had no food to offer. If YOU have a history inquiry, feel free to visit, email, or call.
Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical Society
I know I’m probably late to the party, but has anyone else been watching “Turn; Washington’s Spies”?
It is so cool to see so many Warren connections in a (mostly) accurate historical fiction. Ben Tallmadge is thee Benjamin Tallmadge who set up the B. Tallmadge and Company and left his brother John in charge of Warren’s first general store one year before the Revolutionary War ended. Nathanial Sackett, Washington’s Spy Master is related to our Augustine, invertor of dry wall. I’m still tracing the lines, but he’s either a cousin or great uncle!
Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical Society
Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday's Bell Ringing! And a special Thank You to Brad Johnson for passing on his knowledge of Steeple Bell ringing!!
Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical Society
Looking for something to do this weekend? Join the Warren Historical Society for our annual Ringing of the Bells! It was our first Vice President and second President, John Adams who said on the 4th of July 1776 that the day should be celebrated by the ringing of bells. The custom, however fell into disuse until 1963 when 2 famous Warren residents, Eric Sloane, and Eric Hatch collaborated on an article entitled “Make Freedom Really Ring”. Connecticut Senator Abraham Ribicoff then proposed a resolution that called for the ringing of bells nationwide at 2pm every July 4th.
We will meet at 8 Sackett Hill Rd at 1:45 pm to hear a Warren Student read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence followed by bell ringing and refreshments.