Warren was settled in 1737 as part of the Town of Kent.  In 1750 a separate ecclesiastical society called the Society of East Greenwich was established and a church was founded in 1756. In 1786 Warren was incorporated as a separate town.


The entrance of the Warren Historical Society.
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Glimpses into Warren’s almost 225 years of history are captured in the museum collection. Photos, objects, diaries and genealogies tell the stories of Warren’s families, homes, business and role in American history.


The Brick School and One-Room Schooling
2 PM Sunday,
February 9 at Lower Meeting Room
Town Hall
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The Brick School also called North School has the distinction of being the single-room schoolhouse with the longest record of continuous operation in the State of Connecticut.

Discover, celebrate and preserve Warren’s History for the benefit of its citizens and surrounding communities through its collections, programs and exhibits.


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Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical SocietySeptember 21, 2023 at 9:52am
We have yet to find how Frank W. Stone Jr and Miss Helen A. Trotter knew each other, but we do know Helen was 10 months old when she received this postcard. It appears she settled in nicely. In this 1929 mention in the Brooklyn Life Society paper she won a ribbon for horsemanship and form. Congratulations Helen Adair Trotter!�#WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #Postcards#Touringthecountrysidepostcards #Brooklyn #QuincySt
Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical SocietySeptember 14, 2023 at 10:17am
Another card from Ristine, aka Fannie Perkins, this time to her aunt, Lucy Curtiss Strong, wishing her a happy birthday. This little missive is a clue to filling in the branches of her family tree, connecting her to Uncle Homer S. Curtiss, and Grandma Joanna Sturtevant.
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Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical SocietySeptember 9, 2023 at 6:19pm
Thank you to all who came out today to the annual Housatonic Heritage Hike with the Warren Land Trust and the Warren Historical Society. The land was a working farm from the beginning of Warren’s History, and began it’s return to forest land in 1928. We are happy to have the Warren Land Trust take over stewardship of this land and the monument built to honor Rev Charles G. Finney
#WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #HeritageHike #CharlesGFinney #CairnMonuments #OberlinCollege @WarrenLandTrust
Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical SocietySeptember 7, 2023 at 10:19am
Double your history, double your fun this weekend! Join the Warren Historical Society and the Warren Land Trust for our annual Heritage Hike. This year we’ll be exploring the new Cunningham Preserve on a family friendly hike. We’ll also see a hidden historical monument built 101 years ago by alumni of Oberlin College honoring Charles G. Finney who served as president of the integrated and co-educational institution from 1851-1866.
After the hike, you can make the quick trip over to Cornwall Village and enjoy the air-conditioning while viewing the exhibits #TouringthePostCardCountryside and #Understory
#WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCt #HousatonicValleyAssociation #HeritageHike #NatureANDHistory #Postcards @WarrenLandTrust @CornwallHistoricalSociety @KentHistoricalSociety
Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical SocietyAugust 31, 2023 at 11:29am
This postcard is announcing the birth of Chester Perkins Chappuis on Nov 12, 1924. Aunt Ristine, the grandmother mentioned, was Fanny Ristine Humphrey, wife of Robert Perkins.
Come visit our tri-society postcard exhibit at 7 Pine Street, Cornwall Village, on Saturdays from 10-3pm and see other post cards like this.
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Warren Historical Society
Warren Historical SocietyAugust 24, 2023 at 10:23am
Not a post card, but a WWII registration card belonging to Harold Feller who was featured in an earlier post. Listing his place of residence as “3 mi. W of Kent” perfectly illustrates the vagaries of rural living.
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