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February 2, 2023
Brrr! With this weekend’s cold snap it might be time to bring foot warmers back in vogue. Just like the early congregants of the Warren Church, a few embers from the fireplace in this device and a wool blanket tented over one’s lap would keep the cold at bay.
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January 26, 2023
When researchers are trying to find the answer to a question, the information can often reveal itself long after your initial search. Of the 20+ newspaper articles covering Eric Sloane and the Warren Fall Festival, only the Washington Eagle reported the time on the clock.  “It always said twenty minutes after two” according to Rev. Marsden. A week after finding this article I found a postcard confirming this fact.
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January 19, 2023
From our virtual vault; In the late 1960s the Warren Historical Society set forth to find the oldest house in town.  This letter was found inside the walls of 11 Cornwall Rd. It reads
Warren July 2nd1850
Years have elapsed, and now you look up things that were.  We would [___] know in you, the reader of this, some descendent of the Starr family who has for sixty years inhabited this house.  We love not to think it will ever pass into other hands, and if this dear old Mansion must ever be torn down, still let someone of our name rebuild it. These old papers may be choice relics to you may serve to show you the advance of time and improvement of Society. At the present day, they are our standing they are one standing weekly [sic] perceivable, and are widely circulated through our United States. Do you say what ignorance? —  Guard well these relics and hand them down to posterity ever as we hand down to you as our revered Grandpa’s newspapers
-One who loves the “Old Mansion”
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January 12, 2023 
We’re growing! This week we added a new storage cabinet for our archives. If you have any town history you would like to donate, just give us a call, email or stop by. Of course, if you would like to keep your historic item,we can add a photo or a scan of your item, our virtual collection shelves never get full.  
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In the 1920s the town of Waterbury found itself needing more water to meet the needs of its citizens. The search took them north to the Shepaug River in Warren. On January 3, 1921, a special meeting was held to hear the selectman’s report. Among the conditions of the sale, prior to the flooding of the 2.5-mile valley, a bridge was to be built on the Milton Road to be completed no later than Dec 1, 1924.
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