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May 26, 2023
big thank you to Michael Bird for involving the Warren School students, the Gov. Oliver Wolcott Sr. Branch of the Sons of the American Revolution, American Legion Post 44 in Bantam in a clean up of the monuments of the Revolutionary War soldiers who were laid to rest in Warren’s Old Burying Ground.
You can learn more about these men and their families at the Warren Historical Society during our open hours on Thursdays from 1-4 or by appointment.
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May 18, 2023

Have you ever wondered who the Cunningham was that Cunningham Rd was named after?
The Rev Gerald A. Cunningham, bought the 248 acre property at the end of the road in 1928.  After his passing in 1944, his widow (who was also a person of note) sold the property to the Thyberg family. Rev Cunningham was the rector at St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church. Molly Cunningham was politically active advocating for women’s health and the physically disabled.  #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #Cunningham #HistoryRemebers #Streetnames  

May 16, 2023

Check out our Calendar for two exciting events!

May 11, 2023

Okay Warrenites, who can tell me about playing soccer in Warren? What year was this jersey from and who wore number 19?
Help me help future generations learn about sports in Warren#WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCt #soccer #teamwork
It has been determined that this is circa 1999 Thank you everybody!

May 4, 2023

Robert Perkins (1871-1963) was another wearer of many hats.  He was Town Clerk from 1903-1914 and he ran the General Store from 1906-1934. This photo shows his shop at it’s temporary location on Sackett Hill Rd while he was remodeling the the Cornwall Rd location.
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April 27, 2023

Edna Cashion (1905-1992) wore many hats, Grange Leader, Moderator of the Historical Society Oral Histories in the 1960s, and theatrical director.
This week in Warren History was the premier of The Wichita Grange’s production of “Orchids and Onions”.
If anyone’s Google-Fu is stronger than mine, Or if you have a copy of the script please let me know. we would love to read this!!
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April 20, 2023

On this day in 1837 The Warren Academy published its summer catalogue. It lists prior students both local and a few who came as far as “Po’keepsie”, NY and Hoboken, NJ. The catalog also boasted “Few locations, it is believed, are better calculated to subserve the purposes of a school. The surrounding scenery, especially in summer, is agreeably variegated and romantic; the inhabitants are noted for their industry, intelligence, and morality, and, in the absence of all places of public resort, the village is free from those peculiar temptations which most places afford. “  The inns around Lake Waramaug did not start to spring up until the late 1840s. #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #HigherLearning #JarvisCHoward #Academy 


April 13, 2023

187 years ago this month Jarvis C. Howard ran this ad for his Warren Academy in the Litchfield Enquirer.

The cost for Common English: $3.00 Higher English:$4.00 and Classical and Mathematical $5.00 Music and use of the piano at a reasonable price.  Five dollars in 1836 would be roughly the equivalent of $160.00 in today’s money. Imagine how far the Warren Historical Society’s $1000.00 scholarship would have taken a student back then (And check our website for details. #WarrenCt #scholarship #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety  #Academy #JarvisCHoward #HigherLearning #LitchfieldEnquirer 

April 6, 2023

It’s that time of year! The Warren Historical Society is proud to offer a $1000 scholarship to qualifying students. Go to our website to find out more!

Warren Historical Society Scholarship Application Requirements

The Warren Historical Society Scholarship may be awarded annually to two students who:

  1.  are or have previously been residents of Warren,
  2.  will attend or who are currently attending an accredited two or four year post-secondary educational institution,
  3.  have attended the Warren School for a minimum of two consecutive years,
  4. are in good academic standing at the time of their graduation from an accredited secondary school, or are in good standing at an accredited two or four year post-secondary educational institution,
  5. have provided the Warren Historical Society Scholarship Committee with a current official school transcript, and submitted a completed application with photo and essay.
  6. Only persons who make application before the stated deadline of May 1, 2023 will be eligible.

Previous Scholarship awardees are not eligible to re-apply.


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March 30, 2023

Have you ever wondered why Eel Pond was called Eel pond? Yes the answer is that obvious.  Eel was a staple dish that was enjoyed by the early settlers of Connecticut.  At least Warren didn’t have the problem that the people of New Milford did in 1888. The damming of the Housatonic River above Shelton deprived the townspeople of their eel rations.#WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #eels #foodhistory #historicmeals #EelPond #HousatonicRiver 


March 25, 2023

Happy posthumous birthday to Gloria Helfgott (1928-2007). She would be 98 years young today. A graduate of Coopers Union with a degree in fine arts, she was a pioneer in the field of Book Art, a mixed media style involving bookbinding, painting and paper craft. She moved to Warren in 1969 to the Andregg/Hereth house below Eel Pond. Helfgott also taught classes on making your own book art, and designed the town seal.
Image 1; Helfgott’s book art titled “Warren Woods”.
Image 2; Helfgott’s illustration of a goose.
Image 3; The Warren Town Seal designed by Helfgott

March 23, 2023

In todays social media landscape we post many details of our lives. Before the invention of the internet, newspapers did that for you. The Newtown Bee reports (on this day 123 years ago):
Robert Strong takes the premium for the biggest woodpile in town.
Mrs Della Parmelee, an aged town charge, died last week.
Rev Mr Munson took a trip to Winsted on the 13th, and was the guest of our former townsman, Marvin Tanner.
Mrs. Joseph Breen, Sr., fell down stairs, obtaining injuries requiring Dr Marcy’s care.
Mr Eggleston is on the sick list.
Buel Carter is very feeble. He has dropsy.
Mrs Miner Strong is very ill.
Mrs. N.B. Strong is caring for her.
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March 20, 2023

Happy posthumous birthday to Herbert E. Abrams (1921-2003). The artist, flight instructor, painting teacher, and member of the Warren Historical Society would have been 102 years old today.  Interesting facts; Abrams came up with the design of the “stars and bars” to paint on our military planes.  He also refused to haggle over the price of his paintings.  #HerbertEAbrams #WarrenCT #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #PresidentialPortraits 

March 16th, 2023

Edd Ashe (1908-1986) didn’t live in Warren, but he spent enough time at the Inn on Lake Waramaug he might as well have been an honorary citizen. Ashe would offer charcoal sketches of children at local fairs. The artist, illustrator and teacher who retired to Northville, is also responsible for the 1950 comic strip ‘Guy Fortune’ featuring the first African American Secret Agent as the hero.  Do you have any of these treasures in you closet, attic or basement? #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCt #EddAshe #LakeWaramaug #GuyFortune


March 9, 2023

Inspiration for Ed Hereth’s hand drawn maps certainly could have come from a map like this. (See last two Thursday’s posts) The Clark Map of Litchfield county is dated 1859 and shows the location of every known home in the county. 


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March 2, 2023
Long before the plane spotting tower and the radar station, there was the tower at “Warren Heights”.  Shown on the 1860 map by Ed Hereth, It is described in an article by the Litchfield Enquirer in 1859 to be erected by the enterprising people of Warren. It stood over 30 feet in height and offered 360 degree views of all the surrounding towns. (Special Thanks to Todd Forstmann for his drone photo)
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February 27, 2023
Happy posthumous birthday to Eric Sloane! (1905-1985) Photo curtesy of the Washington Eagle.
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February 23, 2023
One can only imagine the hours of work that went into the making of this comparative map by amateur cartographer Ed Hereth.  The double map shows Warren and its inhabitants in 1860 and in 1960.  Conserved by the Warren Historical Society in 2017, it is a great resource and window on to our town.
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February 16, 2023
One of my first jobs as a volunteer for the WHS was to sort through a box of loose photos. That is where I met my crush, the Rev. Wm Elliot Bassett (1829-1881) He served as minister at the Warren Congregational Church from 1864-1875, and wrote the Centennial Historic Discourse for 1876.
Are there any Warrenites that make you wish you had a time machine?
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February 9th 2023
This photo, captioned “Mrs. Pope bowing to the Queen of Persia” was found in an album belonging to Marge Tanner Regner.  This photo was not taken at the Pope’s home on Above All Rd., but at the “Palace of Oranges” (Narenjestan) now in modern day Iraq.  The Popes were art historians and were later authorized by Rezah Shah Pahlavi to enter key mosques to study and photograph their architecture.
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February 2, 2023
Brrr! With this weekend’s cold snap it might be time to bring foot warmers back in vogue. Just like the early congregants of the Warren Church, a few embers from the fireplace in this device and a wool blanket tented over one’s lap would keep the cold at bay.
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January 26, 2023
When researchers are trying to find the answer to a question, the information can often reveal itself long after your initial search. Of the 20+ newspaper articles covering Eric Sloane and the Warren Fall Festival, only the Washington Eagle reported the time on the clock.  “It always said twenty minutes after two” according to Rev. Marsden. A week after finding this article I found a postcard confirming this fact.
@EricSchoenfeld @KarolineKeith this post is for you!
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January 19, 2023
From our virtual vault; In the late 1960s the Warren Historical Society set forth to find the oldest house in town.  This letter was found inside the walls of 11 Cornwall Rd. It reads
Warren July 2nd1850
Years have elapsed, and now you look up things that were.  We would [___] know in you, the reader of this, some descendent of the Starr family who has for sixty years inhabited this house.  We love not to think it will ever pass into other hands, and if this dear old Mansion must ever be torn down, still let someone of our name rebuild it. These old papers may be choice relics to you may serve to show you the advance of time and improvement of Society. At the present day, they are our standing they are one standing weekly [sic] perceivable, and are widely circulated through our United States. Do you say what ignorance? —  Guard well these relics and hand them down to posterity ever as we hand down to you as our revered Grandpa’s newspapers
-One who loves the “Old Mansion”
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January 12, 2023 
We’re growing! This week we added a new storage cabinet for our archives. If you have any town history you would like to donate, just give us a call, email or stop by. Of course, if you would like to keep your historic item,we can add a photo or a scan of your item, our virtual collection shelves never get full.  
#WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #Archives #DonationsAccepted #TownHistory #WarrenCt #sharingmemories January 5, 2023

In the 1920s the town of Waterbury found itself needing more water to meet the needs of its citizens. The search took them north to the Shepaug River in Warren. On January 3, 1921, a special meeting was held to hear the selectman’s report. Among the conditions of the sale, prior to the flooding of the 2.5-mile valley, a bridge was to be built on the Milton Road to be completed no later than Dec 1, 1924.
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