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July 11, 2024

It’s good to know that should I ever misplace something, that the good people in Warren would find it.  With out even giving location clues, the two orbs I put out there were found in  48 hours! I’ve got two more glass orbs from the Merwinsville Hotel and will hold off hiding one of them until the weekend. Stay tuned!

To learn more about Warren during the time Gaylordsville was called Merrwinsville, call, email, comment or stop by!

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July 8, 2024

Here is a way to get outside, explore Warren’s history, and participate in this year’s Orb Scavenger Hunt in association with the Merwinsville Hotel’s Restoration Project.

If you find an orb you can keep it, we only ask that you register it on their website (also free).

There are 2 of these clear orbs in the wild in Warren on properties owned by the town. (Outside). If no one finds them, I will give clues on Thursday.


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July 7, 2024

**Update** Event Cancelled due to heat.**

Take a walk with us today through the Old Burying Ground and hear about some of Warren’s earliest residents and our plans for maintaining the grounds. Meet us at 3 pm in the parking lot of Warren General Store. Sturdy shoes recommended.

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July 4, 2024

Happy Independence Day!

Join the Warren Historical Society at 1:40pm today at 8 Sackett Hill Rd across from the Community Center to ring the bells in celebration.

Pictured: the wood bell pattern made by Larry Hendricks, the desk model sold by the 1968 Historical Society, (thank you Josh Reynolds) and the bell of the Warren Congregational Church from which the pattern was made.

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June 27, 2024

Mark your calendars! One week from today is the 4th of July and the Warren Historical Society will be celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Eric Sloane who advocated for this celebration. Join us at 8 Sackett Hill Rd at 1:45pm for a reading of the Preamble and ringing of the bells.

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June 20, 2024

Awards pins have been given out throughout the centuries. These two pins are from the Warren Elementary School in 1978 from the Forstmann Family Collection. And Warren’s Center School, one of the last one room schoolhouses,awarded to Connie (Strong) Verbowens in 1929.

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June 13, 2024

This week in Warren History circa 1944.
“Members of the graduating class of Warren school, above, are, left to right in the front row:
Jeanne Mosher, Florence Weeks, Marion Ohmen, Virginia Sidgreaves, Jane Franklin, Jeanne Moody and Ann Schooner.
In the rear row are Richard Moody, Alan Howland, Nelson Mead, Warren Hoffman, and George Kibbe.“
Interestingly, “Mosher” is Jeanne’s married name. She and William H. Mosher were married in December of 1943. In our Oral History with Jeanne, she tells us about getting married at 16 years old. You can listen to her story on our website.
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June 6, 2024

We concluded our Children’s Program about entertainment throughout history in Warren with Suzi Tipa as our square dance caller, she lead the children through the basics, do-si-dos, and  promenades, leading up to Cotton Eyed Joe, and finishing with a Virginia reel.

And of course our favorite rule;

No falling down in square dancing! (Thank you Mr. Favreau for tying shoelaces!)

@Smidgeinny @warrenschoolelem

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May 24, 2024

June 4, 1967

The Memorial Day Parade sponsored by the Bates-Schnell Post No. 168. The parade concluded with a march to the brook (from the triangle in the town center) to drop flowers in the brook in memory of Navy Veterans who died in the war.

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May 16 2024

If you see a monument in a cemetery that resembles a cut-down tree, it indicates that the deceased died in the prime of their life.

Frank, great grandson of Rev. Peter Starr, was born in Crawfordsville, IA April 17, 1839 . He enlisted as a private in Co. G 101st Reg’t. U.S. Vols. of the State of Ill Sept 2, 1862. He was mortally wounded on board the gunboat Switzerland at the siege of Vicksburg at age 24.

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May 9 2024

We are grateful to all who donated to our Give Local campaign to raise money for the preservation of our Old Burying Ground.

And we are thankful to Karl Munson for volunteering his time to share his knowledge of cemetery preservation and conservation with us.

A splendid teacher, we cannot wait to work with him in the future.

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May 2, 2024

Nothing is permanent.

Not even the roads we drive on.

In 1948, Tanner Hill Rd used to end across from Curtiss Rd on Rte 45/Lake Rd. And thanks to the slope stabilization works going on today, we can see the bridge abutments across Sucker Brook where the road used to be. The bridge was washed out in the flood of 1955 and not replaced. There have been over 20 changes in the roads during the 1900s alone.

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April 24


This year WHS has a goal of raising $3500 to hire a local stone mason to repair the many headstones that have been chipped, broken, or fallen over in the Old Warren Cemetery, also known as the Old Burying Ground. The Cemetery, located north of the intersection of Kent and Cornwall Roads, is one of Warren’s historic landmarks. Your donation will help us to restore the many damaged headstones in the Old Burying Ground so that the Warren community and beyond can enjoy its rich history.

April 19
Just a reminder that Scholarship Applications are due by  April 30th! See the website for details!

April 18

We are celebrating Earth Day early this year by remembering those who saw the need for action to protect our lake from eutrification. The Lake Waramaug Task Force got its start 1975, when environmentalism and ecology were not quite household words. To Janet Bates, T. Robert Frost, William Hopkins, Thomas A. J. McGowen,   and the many others throughout history and the present, we thank you.

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April 11 2024

Happy National Library Week!

The Warren Ct Historical Society would like to recognize the Warren Public Library, and how far they have come from their humble beginnings from a book shelf in the Center School House in 1914, to a room at the Parsonage. (5 Kent Road) to their present location in 1972. (With stints at the Old Town Hall & New Town Hall (8 & 7 Sackett Hill Rd respectively.)


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April 4

It took a strong heart and strong arms to settle the wilderness, that became Warren Connecticut in the 1700s.

The latest issue of Connecticut Magazine shares a story about Taylor Swift’s  ancestral ties to Windsor Connecticut, but we’d like to add that Swift’s direct paternal line can be traced straight to Warren, not to mention Ben & Casey Affleck’s ties  to the first settler’s child born in Warren, Rhoda (Paine) Strong, their 6th great grandmother. @taylorswift @benaffleckreturn @caseyafflek Are you ready to find your roots?

[all images can be found on Wikipedia]

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March 29

Sometimes it’s not about the impact that one has on a town, but on one person.

Rosemary  Breen, (1899-1962) left the town of Warren at age 25 when her husband, Lester Katan, got a job for the Railroad Postal Service.

Her time as a teacher made a big impact on at least one of her students during her tenure at the Brick School in the North District. Because of the impression she left on her student Josephine Vorisek, a part of the school house’s history has been preserved.

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March 21, 2024

One of Warren’s most prominent women, Marge Tanner Regner (1912-2001) ran a diner/gas station (1937-1942), was Town Clerk (1943-1964), Grange Master (1951-1952) and curator of the Warren Historical Society during the late 60s,  70s & 80s and was an Aunt to everyone.

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March 14, 2024

For Women’s History Month we would like to recognize the National Grange, a fraternal order that not only allowed, but encouraged women to be officers. The Witchita Grange #132 here in Warren had women in the roll of Master.  From 1950 to 1984, six women worked 20 years in that capacity.

Marge Tanner

Harriet Tanner

Roberta Anderson

Charlotte Rowe

Edna Cashion

Annette Perkins

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March 7, 2024

This past week in History encompasses both the birth (February 27, 1905) and death (March 5,1985) of artist and writer Eric Sloane. A champion of this town, Sloane is pictured here with his dog “Spooky”in the 1964 Memorial Day Parade. #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #EricSloane #Memorial #MemorialDayParade #CanineCompanion #TownHero #HonoraryFireChief

February 29, 2024

When Homer’s Pa passes away he had turned 18, but he was not considered an adult and wouldn’t legally be until he turned 21 years old. He was placed under the guardianship of his 1/2 brother F. A. Curtiss. While one of his besties, Augustine Sackett is going off to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY., and eventually invents drywall, Homer is left to carrying out his chores, reading Shakespeare, and generally hiving around the house.

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February 22, 2024

1859 was a tough year in Warren Ct. Homer loses his Pa to illness, himself too sick at the time to see his father before his death, or to attend the funeral.

Varying from Lung Fever (pnumonia)  to Bilious Attacks (headaches and vomiting). There was even one case of St Vitas Dance (chorea). 12 named townspeople fell gravely ill.

His sister Lucy is taken ill for 4 weeks. Although Willow bark tea may have been administered for her fever, or laudanum to ease her stomach pains, the only medicines recorded were blackberry wine and brandy. Her recovery took another 3 weeks. When she does, the first thing she does is head for her melodeon!

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Lucy Curtiss Strong

February 15, 2024

An interesting aspect of Homer’s diaries, aside from recording the weather, was his input of emotion in recording the events of the day.

“Spent the night with Augustine, much to Homer’s [Sackett] annoyance -sorry!”

“Seymour  came up to visit, good- Frank S left soon after, better.”

“Alice didn’t wait for papers -pshaw!”

These feelings were not limited to local events. When the Lecompton Constitution (to grant the Kansas territory statehood with a provision to allow slavery) was killed in Congress. Our future Civil War soldier writes“Good!!”

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February 8, 2024

One may wonder what all the interest is about these old diaries. They open a window in to the past and challenge our perceptions about how our ancesters lived.

We often think of our forebearers as “all work and no play”, but as Homer S. Curtiss shares in the lingo of the day:

“Didn’t do much, just hived around the house”

He is also frequently the only member of his household to go to church. He records “not even the minister showed up” — it’s left to the deacons to lead the flock.

Homer wasn’t particularly spiritual, but church gave him the opportunity to interact with  girls he was not related to such as “B.E.B”  -Blue Eyed Beauty, who was visiting Swift relations for the summer. (Spoiler alert, he makes a fool of himself at a summer picnic, she goes home in the fall and does not become his wife.)

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February 1, 2024
Who is willing to try and bring this historic hairstyle back en vogue?
Meet Franklyn A. Curtis. Homer’s 2nd oldest 1/2 brother who set up his homestead at what is now 55 Reed Rd. His relationship with his youngest brother was more amicable than the relationship between Charles Henry and Homer S. He even went to visit Homer after he was wounded on the battlefield in Alexandria in 1864 as seen by this pass donated by his daughter.
His daughter Lucy Sackett Curtiss wrote the book on Warren’s history from 1750-1950 following the history of the town and church.
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January 25, 2024
Meet Charles Henry Curtiss (1819-1901), or “Hen” as his half brother Homer called him. He is 22 years older than his youngest brother, and he and his wife Jenette Cole are listed as living in the next household from Pa’s on Town Hill Rd. Hen’s mother, Erastus’ 1st wife, was Harriet Tanner.
Hen and Homer had a tumultuous relationship at best, with the younger always poking and prodding the elder to get a reaction and he usually did. #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #siblings #siblingrivalry #brotherproblems 


January 18, 2024
Today we meet Homer’s Ma.
Joanna Sturtevant (1803-1883) was 34 years old at the time of her 1st marriage to Erastus Curtis.  And 38 years old at the time of her 1st child’s birth.  According to her then 17 year old’s diary, her primary activities were doing the wash and tending to sick family members. But Joanna was always looking to enhance her children’s education, buying 2nd hand books and musical instruments from anyone offering.
She spent $70 on a Melodeon for daughter Lucy, and had a thriving side hustle making cheese, which she sold to the general stores.  The WHS is also proud to house her personal notebook in which all her friends wrote poems and personal sentiments therein.
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January 11, 2024
Today we meet “Pa”.
Homer’s father, Erastus Curtis, (1788-1859) who lived on Town Hill Rd. Along with being a share holder in an iron company, he raised cattle in a field over on “City Hill”
Thanks to Homer’s diary, we know this ambrotype  was taken on Oct 14th 1858. He was 69 years old.
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January 4, 2024
The diaries of Homer S. Curtiss have been on my “to read” list for a while now, what I wish I had known was the 1st diary was written in 1858, when he was 17 years old,
A voracious reader, and youngest son (his oldest brother being 22 years his senior) his largest concerns are getting the next Atlantic Monthly, and meeting girls.
[this photograph is with his wife Alice circa 1870]
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