More from the Old Burying Ground

In the very north end of the old cemetery in a solitary location sits the grave of 8 yr. old Casander Knickerbocker. Today very little can be read of his inscription. Only his given name shows, but in 1916 Howard and Nellie Carter captured his epitaph:
Casander Knickerbocker
June 30 1853
Æt 8 y’rs

He is the only Knickerbocker in the old Burying Ground. He was the youngest of four brothers and his family lived between Kent and Warren from 1825 until 1865 when his parents moved to Providence, Rhode Island. His father, William, was a tailor and his brother, Oscar, was a collier. Colliers created the
charcoal that was used in the blast furnaces in the Northwest corner. It was one of the highest paid trades.

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