Collections Policy

Collections Policy

Of all the services that the Warren Historical Society performs, none is more important than that of saving historical records, photographs and artifacts that document the past.

We are helping to preserve the collective memory of our community.

We cannot fully understand who we are as a community or as individuals if we don’t understand who we were as a community, and what it once meant to be a member of that community.

We take our mission/pledge to preserve Warren’s history very seriously: it is our greatest/most important responsibility. Collecting, maintaining and providing access to the collection is costly; we are fortunate that our friends and neighbors support our collection and the work it involves/generates/entails.

We wish we could accept/collect every interesting object from the past/artifact that comes our way, but we cannot. We just don’t have the resources or the space. We must decide which records to actively collect, which records to accept if offered for donation, and which records to decline.

This Collection Policy is an important tool that will help the Society make these decisions.