Documenting our Community’s COVID-19 Experience

You are living through an historic moment! In the future, people in Warren and elsewhere will try to understand what it was like to be alive during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can help them, and you can help us! By telling The Warren Historical Society what your life is like right now, you are saving important information for posterity…information that will help historians and future Warren residents alike understand more about and learn from their past.

We’d like to collect and preserve your stories, photos, and videos recording what it’s like to live through this experience. By telling The Warren Historical Society what your life is like right now, you are saving important information for posterity.

Here are some suggestions and guidelines. Please answer as fully and as descriptively as you can. They are only suggestions, if there are aspects of life during Covid-19 that you’d like to highlight beyond what we suggest below, please do.  Please be as specific as possible and focus on Warren experiences where possible. The written word, photos, videos and/or audio recordings are welcome. Record yourself or interview someone else.

Suggested questions – answer any or all – or come up with your own.

  • For parents:
    what has been the effect of homeschooling on your daily routine? Has it affected work outside your home? Do you have a better understanding of your children's learning process?
  • For students:
    What do you miss most about not attending school? What is your experience with distance learning? If you are about to graduate, will you miss a graduation ceremony? How do you feel about that? Will you do anything in place of an actual ceremony? How is the epidemic impacting your plans for next year and beyond?
  • For first responders:
    How do you deal with the very real fear of bringing infection to your own home and family? Did you ever need to quarantine? Please describe that experience. How are the extended work hours affecting you personally?
  • For essential personnel:
    Describe the measures your employer is taking to insure your safety. Are you perpetually afraid? Or is this the new normal? Describe the temperament of the people you’re serving.
  • For everyone:
    Have you lost anyone because of COVID-19? If applicable, describe what it felt like not being able to visit someone in a hospital or nursing home who was sick, or maybe even dying from this disease.How has your routine changed? Describe everyday activities like mealtimes, grocery shopping, getting outdoors, remote social interactions. Have you heard from or reconnected with old friends or family? Has the financial fallout of the pandemic adversely affected your family's well-being? What new interests have you developed or gone back to?

    What will be your takeaway for the future?

We ask that you please stay safe in capturing your photos and videos.
​Please maintain safe distances and do not put yourself or others in harm’s way.

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    Terms and Conditions
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    2. The submission must be about personal, business, or organizational experiences in Warren during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    3. The Warren Historical Society is under no obligation to use, publish or permanently retain all submissions.
    4. The information submitted is deemed to be accurate; the Museum is not responsible for verifying this information.
    5. Submissions do not infringe on any existing copyright.

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