Warren Volunteer Fire Company

Recognized today as the home of Warren’s Volunteer Fire Company, the building at 11 Sackett Hill Rd. has had two previous incarnations.
On January 1, 1836 members of the Methodist Episcopal Society met and agreed to build a church to serve the growing number of Methodists in Warren. Silas and Lydia Tanner Beckley of Canaan donated the site and Salmon Brownson donated the money for construction.  The building, which could seat 200 people, was to remain the property of the Methodist Episcopal Society as long as it was used as a house of worship, however, between  1860 and 1896 Warren’s Methodist Society in Warren disbanded and the land reverted to the heirs of Silas Beckley. In 1913 the Beckley heirs sold the lot and the building to Frank Voisard, Treasurer of the Wichita Grange.
On December 20, 1950 James Perkins, Treasurer of the Wichita Grange, sold the Grange Hall and land to the Warren Volunteer Fire Company for one dollar with the same proviso – that if the property should cease to be used as a firehouse, it would   become the property of the Town of  Warren.