List of Veterans

This page will list  members of the Military who lived in Warren Ct.
If anyone has any additional information to add to this page, please contact us.
Names marked with an * are buried in the Old Burying Ground.

French and Indian Wars 1754-1763
Sackett, Rueben

American Revolutionary War 1775-1783
Andrews, Joseph, Drummer
*Bates, Isaac
*Batterson, George
*Beeman, Thomas CT 13th Regiment – Militia
* Beamont, Daniel  CT Swift’s Regiment
Brown, Herman, Pvt
*Carter, Benjamin Sgt
*Carter,Jospeh Capt, CT 7th Regiment
*Carter, Samuel, CT 7th Regiment
* Curtis, Eleazer CT Enos’ Regiment, State troops, 7th Reg
-In Battle of Danbury caught General Wooster as he fell from his horse mortally wounded
*Fowler, Amos Chapman’s Regiment of Foot Militia
*Fuller, Amos 2nd CT
Eldred, Judah, Sgt
Finney, Eleazer, Sgt
Gilbert, Truman, Pvt
Holmes, Gershom, Sgt
*Hopkins, Elijah  – CT 3rd Regiment
Hopkins, Judah,  Corp, 13th Regiment
Judd, Philip, Corporal 15 Sep missing, prisoner
Lee, Israel, Pvt
Peck, Joseph
*Sackett, Alexander CT Enos’ Regiment, State troops, 7th Reg
Sackett, Alexander Jr., Fifer
*Sackett, Benjamin  – CT Enos’ Regiment, State troops, 7th Reg.
*Sackett, Justus CT CT 9th
*Strong, Philip, Pvt  – CT 13th Militia
Swan, Levi, Pvt
*Tanner, Ebenezer  CT 7th
*Ephraim Tanner, Ephraim
Smith, Chauncey Pvt
Taylor, David, Pvt
Taylor, John, Ens
Taylor, Reuben, Pvt
*Weedg, Asahel – Skinner’s Reg. of Light Horse Brigade
Wedge, Isaac, Pve
*John Welch CT 9th

War of 1812; 1812-1815
Carter, Dan
Carter, Samuel , Capt

American Civil War; 1861-1865
Beeman, William
Carpenter, John
Curtiss, Homer S.
Hazen, Ruel
Humphrey, Austin
Humphrey, Frank
Jennings, Nelson
Kingsman, Orlando
Munson, John
Ohmen, William F
Reynolds, Seth
Rouse, Lucien
Sackett, Augustine
Sackett, Homer
Strong, Minor
Wright, Henry

Mexican Border War 1910 -1919
Coords, Frederick

Spanish American War April 1898 – August 1898
Andregg, John
Lundjeberg, Fred
Strong, Perry

World War I  1914 – 1918
Beyers, Thomas
Brague, Russell
Brush, Graham
Castelluci, Hector
Chappuis, Howard
Chappuis, Raymond
Chester, Colby
Cooley, George C. L. Rev
Donahue, Patrick
Ferrell, Thomas
Franklin, Kellogg
Fowler, W. C.
Gibbons, Thomas
Gathers, Perry
Gale, George
Graham, Sylvester
Hinckley, Walter
Katan, Lester
Lemmon, W. G.
Lyne, James
McAllen, John
Miles, George
Peet, Alanson
Richter, Arthur
Swift, Robert
Heynes, Maurice
Morrow, Watson S
Scoville, Harry
Sheldon, Walter
Walker, W. Bradford

World War II
John Bates
Aravouri, Alvar
Brandt, Lesley
Cassidy, William
Chappuis, Warren
Dethier, Walter
Dillon, Walter, Lt. Col
Engle, Gene
Florio, Felix
Fox, Severin, J.
Grant, Robert
Hoffman, Stanley
Kelvin, Jack
Kilmer, Leslie
Kors, Franklin Jr.
Lyons, Frank
Mabe, Lee
Nicols, Ayub
O’Dell, Lois
Schnell, Charles
Seidl, John
Smalley, George
Sorenson, Alvin
Strong, Nathan
Tanguay, Robert Thomas “Tude”
Taylor, Mildred
Tindall, Albert
Vanderhoff, Charles
Vaughn, S. Wolcott
Vorisek, Anton
Waite, Francis
Weeks, James
Willson, Victor

Korean War 1950 – 1953
Keith, Edward
Strong, Cal
Woods, Robert

Vietnam War 1955 – 1975
Bolte, Bob
Garvey, Jon
Jonson, Anton
Mackenzie, David A.
O’Toole, Richard
Picz, James
Schwerd, Francis, J
Tanner, Henry


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