Letters and Letter Writers

Civil War Veteran, Lucien Rouse

Sometimes a much-anticipated letter brought very sad news.
Nineteen year old Lucien Rouse had enlisted in the 19th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers on August 4, 1862 and had been sent to Virginia to safeguard Washington, DC. In early December he had written to thank his parents for a “care” package they had sent with goodies, but by early the next month they had been advised that he was gravely ill and not expected to recover. This letter written by the sergeant in his regiment informs his family of his death on January 8, 1863 in the Regimental Hospital, Alexandria, VA due to diphtheria.

The Lucien Rouse letters are a new addition to the Warren Historical Society’s collection and are a poignant glimpse into the effects of the Civil War on the homefront.

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