Warren Historical Society Scholarship

Warren Historical Society Scholarship Application Requirements

The Warren Historical Society Scholarship may be awarded annually to two students who:

  1.  Are or have previously been residents of Warren,
  2.  Will attend or who are currently attending an accredited two or four year post-secondary educational institution,
  3.  Have attended the Warren School for a minimum of two consecutive years,
  4. Are in good academic standing at the time of their graduation from an accredited secondary school, or are in good standing at an accredited two or four year post-secondary educational institution,
  5. Have provided the Warren Historical Society Scholarship Committee with a current official school transcript, and submitted a completed application with photo and essay.
  6. Only persons who make application before the stated deadline of May 1, 2024 will be eligible. 
Previous Scholarship awardees are not eligible to re-apply.

Required Submission Materials

1. A completed Warren Historical Society Application
2. Click the Application button below for the form
3. Letter of Recommendation
4. A photograph of the applicant
5. An essay of from 750 to 1000 words whose topic is:

Many influential people have either been born or spent formative years in Warren. Charles Finney became the president of Oberlin College, the first school to admit women and people of color. Augustine Sackett became a member of the Inventors Hall of Fame for creating drywall. Katharine Curtiss, artist and engraver, was the youngest person ever to be admitted to Cooper Union Art Institute. They, and many others, were surely inspired or moved by our town’s rural beauty, rich history, and/or sense of community.
How has Warren inspired you? In 750-1000 words describe a Warren event, person or place (historical or current) which has had an important impact on your life thus far.

Scholarship recipients will be announced in June.