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December 29, 2022
Mary Chappuis married John Buher, and they lived at 1 North Shore Rd. When her father-in-law passed in 1895 his obituary read
“He said but little inasmuch as
his mother tongue, German, was so mixed up with the French and English as to make it difficult to communicate himself in any language.” 

#NorthShore #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #oldhouses #multicultual  


December 22, 2022 

Today we visit the house of John Chappuis, (1864-1945) born in Warren to French immigrants, John made his living as a farmer. We also see his son Howard showing off his Model T. The house is on Rte. 45 just past the Old Burying Ground. #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #ModelT #oldhomes


December 15, 2022 
More old houses from the Marge Tanner Regner files; 10 Town Hill Road. 
The Old Gristmill was later owned by Minnie Schnell in the 1920s, where she also ran an Inn. 
The gables on the barn retain their original overhangs. 
#WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #gristmill #stillstanding #oldhomes 

December 8th 2022
Of the many things the people of Warren excel at is recycling building material. The house at 51 Curtiss Road was built with the wood reclaimed from the old post office, not to be confused with the neighboring house which was floated across the lake to its current location. (Per Rutt Curtiss’s oral history.)
If anyone has more information about these two houses, please contact the Warren Historical Society. #homeconstruction #buildinghouses #recycle #upcycle #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety

December 4th 2022It was wonderful to see so many old friends and to make so many new ones at Holiday on the Hill this year!#HolidayontheHill #warrenct #warrencthistoricalsociety #seasonoffriendship #goodneighbors

December 1st 2022
This photo concludes the journey we have taken with Arthur Krasenic’s photographs. This photo features students from the least spoken about one room schoolhouses.

“This snapshot of Miss Keogh, a teacher and pupils standing by the side of the one room school on the northwest corner of the junction of Route 341 and Brick School Road was taken about 1915 or 1916.
I think it was taken by Perry Wilson who loaned me the original negative in 1975.
I am not sure who the pupils are. There were three or four of the Krasenics family, one Cale (Edward) and a number of the Wilson family. The school building is now part of the house on the northwest corner of the junction of Route 341 and Brick School Road. The house is occupied by a nephew of Mr. Florio.”
The West District School was in operation from about 1864 to 1917. Students were required to attend school from age four to sixteen, with many of the teachers barely older than their students.  Other families whose children attended were Camp, Moulthrop, Carter, Shove, Duggan and Peck. #Oneroomschools #WarrenCT #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #ClassPictureDay 


November 24th 2022
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and a reminder that now is a good time to ask your elders (family, friends, neighbors) about their lives.  Story Corps is a great resource to get you started.

Thursday November 17 2022
Thirteen year old Arthur Krasenic was excited when his parents told him they were leaving the Bronx and moving to a 360 acre farm in Connecticut.  Then he found out what hard work farming was.  

 But there was still time for some fun, riding the home-made sled which, he drew an illustration of in a 1975 letter to Les Handsfield. “The ‘Double Ripper’ was a homemade sled using two pig sticker low sleds with a plank across them and we steered the sled with a rope and our feet” The popular sledding location was coming down the back of Town Hill Road towards Hardscrabble. This hill the church sat on proved too difficult to walk back up.#Letitsnow #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #sledding #memories #Hardscrabble 

November 11, 2022 

Warren’s citizens have fought in every major conflict since the French and Indian War. Great grandson of Major Eleazor Curtiss, Revolutionary war soldier who is storied to have caught General Wooster as he fell from his horse in the battle of Danbury, Homer S. Curtiss enlisted 6 August 1862 in Company H, Connecticut 2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment on 11 Sep 1862. Promoted to Brevet Captain on 06 Apr 1865. He mustered out on 18 Aug 1865 at Fort Ethan Allen, DC.  #ThankyouVets #WarrenRemembers #VeterensDay #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #CompanyH  

Thursday November 10th
Like any mother of ten, Catholic Mrs. Krasenic sent her children to the only available Sunday School at the Warren Congregational Church.
When the family moved to Milford in 1917 the Catholic priest told Arthur he should say Hail Marys for two years as penance and that it better not attend church if it was not a Catholic Church.
This photo features members of the Krasenic family on the front porch of their house located between Wilsons and Florios, on Kent Rd., which burned down sometime after the family moved to Milford. #theywaywewere #warrenct #warrencthistoricalsociety #largefamilies #sundaymornings  

November 3, 2022
Continuing our special request, Arthur Krasenic’s  Kodak box camera provides this 1920s photo from the bridge on Hardscrabble Rd on the way to the Northeast School.  Years later Mr. Krasenic found and interviewed a Mr. Drobish, whose family had lived on the Comstock Farm and attended the Northeast School in 1907.  Mr. Drobish could not remember who the teacher was but did recall the cheese factory building was still standing, and he used to throw rocks through the windows.  #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #HardscrabbleRd #Melius #Kodakboxcamera #blackandwhitephoto #sharingmemories #Graystones #ontheway 

October 27, 2022
By Special Request: Nan G wrote in asking for more information about her great uncle Arthur Krasenic.  Arthur shared this photo (and many others) in 1978.  His family lived for a period in the old stone farmhouse that became locally known as “Graystones”.  This photo was taken with a Kodak “box” camera in the early 1920s, the print made from negatives in the 1970s. 
 #WarrenCt #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #Graystones #Kodak #Kodakbox #sharingmemories #sharinginformation 


October 20, 2022 

Although parts of Ohio were owned by the State of Connecticut, as late as 1800, Warren Ohio was actually named for surveyor Moses Warren.  And while Warren, Ohio was the county seat, it was Tallmadge Ohio that boasted several Warren Connecticut families.  And, yes, it was named after that Benjamin Tallmadge, brother of the general store owner John Talmadge and General Washington’s Spymaster.  Those Warren pioneers were Warren Sturtevant, his wife Lucy Tanner, her brother Joseph, Deacon Salmon Sackett and Reuben Beach to name a few. Image credit: Wikipedia #WarrenCT #WarrenOH #TallmadgeOH #TheWesternReserve #WarrenCThistoricalSociety #PioneeringAmericans #TheJourneyWest 

October 13, 2022 

Small town that Warren CT is, we have always striven to be updated and innovative.
Did you know we have had 3 Town Halls? The first one, 8 Sackett Hill Rd, served approximately 100 years before the new town hall was built in 1950 across the street at 7 Sackett Hill Rd, which also houses a gymnasium and a full kitchen downstairs. The newest town hall was built in 2010 just down the road at 50 Cemetery Rd. It also serves as the town polling station, and its large conference room hosts many events for town organizations.
In 2014 the Warren Historical Society found the old town clerk’s office to be the perfect place to house our archives and artifacts.  #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHIstoricalSociety #infrastructure #TownHalls #smalltowns  


October 6, 2022

The Warren Fall Festival was started at Warren Woods 61 years ago by Eric Sloane to benefit the Volunteer Fire Company. For his efforts he was made an honorary Chief. But it did not start there. Eric Sloan first started a “Tick Sale” in his backyard when he noticed that the clock face on the Congregational Church was painted on. In 1891 when lightning struck the bell tower and blew out the tower and innards of the church, they never replaced the clock.  Sloane raised the money to have an electric clock installed in 1959 by selling paintings in his backyard.
Here is a saucy advertisement from the New Milford Times from October 1970. [edited for today’s audience]. #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #FallFestival #EricSloane #NewMilfordTimes #1970s #Saucy #RacyNewspaperAd #Xtraordinary! #WarrenFallFestival #WarrenWoods #WarrenCtVolunteerFireCompany #WarrenVolunteerFireCompany #editedfortodaysaudicence  

September 29 2022 
When our townspeople went on trips, they would bring back photos from their journey. Just as travelers here would take photos of Lake Waramaug to put in their albums. On the page opposite of last week’s images in Kitty Curtiss’s photo album, are photos of Madison Square Garden and the Metropolitan Museum of Art as they were in 1893. #WarrenCt #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #NYC #connectingtothepast #historicplaces #metropolitanmusemofart #madisonsquaregarden 


September 22, 2022 
How does one go about moving houses and barns across town, not to mention all the other heavy liftingThese gentle giants shown here from Kitty Curtiss’s 1893 photo album are “drawing a load of hay”. #WarrenCT #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #oxen #haywagon #beastsofburden #1893 #thewaywewere #accidentalRollingStonesEarworm


September 15, 2022
In I946 John Willenbrock, husband of Lucille Hopkins, bought the house of Emily and Winifred Wedge Howland. It was disassembled from its original location near Rabbit Hill and Rt 45 and had it reassembled on Bliss Road. Post and beam frames were joined by mortice and tenon making it easier to disassemble and reassemble in its new location.
It was known locally as “The Pink House”  #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #MovingHouse #PostandBeam #MorticeandTenon #PinkHouse #thewaywewere  

 September 8, 2022 

One of the things I love the most about going through the archives is finding little doodles in the margins of books or notes.   

  • A rubbing of a classmate’s quarter from the 1920s Emil Vorisek 
  • A found feather tucked between the pages of Sarah Hopkins 1842 
  • A doodle of entrepreneurial dreams by the Strong boys, David and Philip circa 1900  

#WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #Inthemargins #doodles #collecting #dreamingofthefuture #connectingwiththepast #connectingwithhistory 


September 1, 2022 

This photo is labeled “1924 Last Class in Brick School” (not counting those in kindergarten).
Students in Warren attended the Center School until the new 2 room schoolhouse could be built on Sackett Hill Rd. In 1930.

Front Row L-R Alice Hoffman, Allyn Perkins, Frank Beran, Virginia Calhoun (Teacher)
Back Row L-R Robert Hoffman, Ethel Hoffman, Leslie Bault, ? Peters, Emil Vorisek, Howard Bault.
#WarrenCt #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #BrickSchool #OneRoomSchoolhouse #classof1924 #tworoomschoolhouse  

August 26, 2022
Happy International Dog Day! This is Laddie pictured here with Joseph Vorisek.  Laddie was a gift to his son Emil from his teacher, Rosie Breen, for starting the fire in the stove at the Brick School in the winter mornings.  #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #InternationalDogDay #Laddie #goodboy #BrickSchool #OneRoomSchoolhouse  

August 25, 2022 

The land that is now the town beach was once Hopkins land. This little parcel belonged to Myron Hopkins.  It was sold by his widow to Joseph Mehl in 1948 with the stipulation that he would not sell it for 21 years, and any docks or buildings should not be in any way detrimental to the locality.  The land later belonged to Mehl’s stepdaughter Elsie Brattlund who sold the land to the Town of Warren in 1971 #WarrenCt #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #WarrenCTtownBeach #PicnicontheBeach #vintagepostcards #dayatthebeach  

August 18, 2022 

Preservation update:  Ed Weik is in the process of moister mitigation in the coat room and Brad Johnson has reset the stone steps.
Thank you, gentlemen, for your hard work!
  #WarrenCt #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #Preservation #BrickSchoolHouse #OneRoomSchoolhouse 

August 11, 2022
Hiking is not a modern activity.  In the memories of Lucy Sackett Huth she tells us “In summer there were picnics, at which a merry crowd of young folks assembled. On one occasion Burton Gilbert was made the butt of a practical joke. When they stopped to rest halfway up, Lucinda Sackett, Miranda Curtiss and Charles Hine secured a bottle of wine with which he had proved himself and refilled it with vinegar. Mr. Gilbert was entertaining two students at the time, and when they all reached the top of the Pinnacle, he offered them refreshment from the bottle. But they, having been previously warned, declined. Thereupon, Mr. Gilbert, after fitting remarks proceeded to drink to the health of the crowd. History has no record of his expression of surprise at the taste of the beverage, but it has preserved his closing remark: “If you want to raise the devil, get the women and the minister together.”   #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #hiking #1891 #outdooractivities #Pinnacle #DevilsPulpit #SummerDays 

August 4, 2022 

The state of Connecticut purchased 95 acres on the Kent side of the lake to make a State Park in 1920.  The Town of Warren didn’t have a public beach until 1972.
This photo shows Betty, Anne, Russell and Lawrence Sackett trying to beat the heat in 1924. 

#WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #LakeWaramaug #BeattheHeat #Summertime 

July 28, 2022 

A view from the past. From the Cornwall Rd looking south into the town center.  The lack of power lines puts this photograph pre-1930. #WarrenCt #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #BirdseyeView #TownCenter #BeforeTheTreesCameBack #Vintagepostcards 

July 21, 2022
Edwin R. Beeman (1823-1949) wasn’t just a farmer, a steer broker, a boarding house owner, road builder, and later a member of the General Assembly.  He was also a doodle bug.  These drawings were found in his pocket diary from 1853.  #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #169YearOldDoodles #Doodles #DoodleBug #JuryDuty #JuryDoodles 


July 14, 2022
New Merch Alert! Whether you’re out hiking or reading in your favorite hammock, the Warren Historical Society ball cap is the perfect way to shade your eyes.  Available at Warren General Store, or at the Historical Society HQ at 7 Sackett Hill Road. (Open hours on Thursdays 1-4pm) $20.00, light grey, black logo, adjustable leather band. #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCT #ballcap #SummerGear  

July 7, 2022 

If the saying “knee hi by the fourth of July” holds any truth in the growing of corn, we can date this photo well into August or September. As far as what year, let’s hear your guesses.   Pictured are Charlie Ohmen (1874-1960), Herb Curtiss Sr, Bob Slusser, and Dewey Young and Charles Smith   #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCT #farms #FarmWork #corn #cornfields 

July 5, 2022
We want to thank everyone who participated in our bell ringing yesterday!
Long time participant Anita Cornish rings her authentic school bell.
In 1976 a bicentennial keepsake made by the Warren Historical Society was offered.  The pattern used to cast the bells is a scale replica of the bell in the tower of the Warren Congregational Church.  It was made by talented local woodworker Larry Hendricks, and the bells were offered as desk model, hand bell, or door model.  A limited edition had Eric Sloane’s signature cast into the inside of the bell.  Do you have a piece of this history in your home?  #warrencthistoricalsociety #warrenct #ringingofthebells #WarrenFreedomBell #belltraditions #ericslone #historyathome #WarrenCongregationalChurch 

July 2, 2022
Join us on Monday July 4th to celebrate the Ringing of the Bells on 1:45 pm at 8 Sackett Hill Road and help keep the tradition going.  It started 59 years ago with Warren Resident and renowned painter, Eric Sloane, and friend, author Eric Hatch. Here they are pictured in the bell tower of the Warren Congregational Church in 1963. Refreshments willl be served afterwards.
#WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #RingingOfTheBells #FreedomBells #IndependeceDay #EricSlone #EricHatch #BellTower #WarrenCongregationalChurch #HistoricBells 

June 30, 2022 

Eric Sloane, pictured here with wife Mimi, & Bobbie and Dick Combs of the Inn on Lake Waramaug, was the initiator of the Warren’s Ringing of the Bells on July 4th.  The Let Freedom Ring tradition started in 1963. The Warren Historical Society is pleased to continue the tradition and we hope you will join us on Monday, July 4th we will gather at 1:45 pm at the Academy parking lot (8 Sackett Hill Road) to hear a reading of the Preamble of the Declaration.  Bring a bell to ring at 2 pm or borrow one of ours!   #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #BellRinging #LetFreedomRing #RingingoftheBells #RingingoftheBells2022 #EricSloane 

June 23, 2022
Congratulations to our TWO winners of the Warren Historical Society Scholarship!!
Conor will be attending the University of Rhode Island to study Engineering.  Alistair will be attending Pennsylvania College of Technology to study welding and metal fabrication.
Best of Luck to both of you in your future studies!   #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCT #Wamogo #Scholarship #OurFuture #Congratulations  

June 16, 2022
Our town’s namesake, Joseph Warren (June 11, 1741-June 17, 1775) must have left a big impression on Major Eleazer Curtiss, who suggested our town be named after him.
In 1986 for the town’s bicentennial, artist Gloria Helfgott was commissioned to create these limited-edition medallions.  They were available as bronze individual medallions, bronze encased in Lucite, or silver, limited edition and numbered.
The 3.5 cm Bronze colored medal showing the Charter Oak and the words “Connecticut Constitution State 350 Years 1635 – 1985” on one side; and the Bunker Hill Memorial and Joseph Warren portrait with the words “1786 Town of Warren 1986 Bicentennial Connecticut on the reverse.  #WarrenCt #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #GeneralJosephWarren #namesakes #souveniers #medallions #bicentennial 

June 9, 2022
We received these wonderful thank you cards from the students of the Warren Elementary School.  Our tour of historical places on the lake, and partnership with the Lake Waramaug Task force seems to have made a great impression, and we may have inspired a few future scientists and historians.  One student writes “I will use this information well” another writes “I hope one day I can help”   #warrenct #warrencthistoricalsociety #teachourchildrenwell #educationday #lakewaramaug #lakewaramaugtaskforce 

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022
Edwin R Beeman (1823-1913) was not a prolific writer, but his diaries show an honest look at what his life was like.  On June 18th, 1855, he merely notes “Finished the schoolhouse” before going back to his planting and hoeing of corn.  The schoolhouse he built was on what is now on the corner of Hopkins Rd and North Shore Rd was used by the children of the “Pond District”.   #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCT #LakeWaramaug #PondDistrict #OneRoomSchoolHouses #Diarykeepers  


May 29, 2022
Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day.  Please enjoy these photos from our parade back in 2001.  Prime Timers that marched are Andrew Franz, Ruth Baird, Ed Baird, Dawn Young & Pauline Hages and Ruth Schnell. Photographer Jo Vaill
Memorial Day started after the American Civil War as a way to honor those who died.   #MemorialDay #WarrenCT #Primetimers #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety


May 26th, 2022
Tourist Season around Lake Waramaug ran from May to October
Edwin R. Beeman’s “Waendessa Cottage” stood next door to the Hopkin’s Place. It eventually became the Sachem Inn after his death, run by William L. Hopkins.
Beeman advertised as being “free from malaria or mosquitos” and having “running water from a pure mountain spring.”  #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #LakeWaramaug #TouristSeason #1886 


May 24th, 2022
The Warren Historical Society could not have asked for a more perfect day to partner with the Lake Waramaug Task Force to conclude this year’s program with the Warren Elementary School.  We mixed Science and History with a bus tour around the lake, and Sean and Kelsey teaching about the flora and fauna of the lake and what they are doing to keep the ecosystem healthy. Special thanks also to Liz who drove the bus!
#WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WarrenCT #LakeWaramaug #limnology @lwtaskforce #bustours #teaching #history 

May 19, 2022
Being a proud plant parent is not a new concept. Back in 1907 a vacationer shows concern of the welfare of her plant.  We will never know if Ellen, from Staten Island, had a Snake Plant or a Jade.  But houseplants will never go out of style.   #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #Postcards #1907 #houseplants #plantmom #plantdad #plantparent   

Thursday, May 12th 2022
The Warren Historical Society is saddened to learn of the passing of Edna Nicholas.  She and her husband ran the General Store from 1967 to 1972.  Effusive and charming, she will be greatly missed.  We are thankful to have an oral history recorded with Edna and Abe in 2014, and her memories will always live on.  You can listen to their story by going to >Archives>Oral Histories. 

May 5, 2022
Today would be a beautiful day to take a ride around the lake on “The Crescent”. You could charter the steamboat for a picnic on the lake by the hour for 25 cents! 
Purchased by Graham Brush from Prime Wright in the spring of 1914. After making extensive repairs to the 30-foot-long boat, he ran tours and charters of the lake. It could carry about 20 people. Mr. Brush sold it in 1917 as he was in the Reserves and went into active duty.   #Steamboat #laketrips #lakewaramaug #TheCrescent #WarrenCt #warrencthistoricalsociety #1916 



April 28, 2022
More photos from the Way Back Machine of Lake Waramaug.  #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHIstoricalSociety #LakeWaramaug #LakeRoads  


April 21, 2022
A continuous road around Lake Waramaug was built in 1885. The only portion that was paved was the east shore road to Warren which was taken over by the state in 1928, becoming Route 45. It was not until the mid 1930s that the remainder of the road was paved.  This undated photo in our collection simply states on the back “building the lake road.” #WarrenCt #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #infrastructure #SteamEngines #RoadBuilding #MudSeason 

April 14, 2022
Can you see your house from here?  The 95 acres of the Lake Waramaug State Park was purchased by the state in 1920.  The same year the Town of Warren sold the land for the Shepaug Reservoir to the City of Waterbury. The town’s population was about 350 people.   #WarrenCT #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #LakeWaramaug #Arrowpoint #AerialPhotography 

April 7, 2022
If you recall our previous post about Elinor Hereth, you will remember she documented many of the older homes in Warren.  However, in 1968 we still didn’t have street addresses.  Does anyone recognize this house on Town Hill Rd.? Can anyone tell me the house number?   #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #OldHomes #WhenTheStreetsHadNoNames #1968 

March 29th 2022
Before this past weekend’s cold snap, I know we were all looking out the window looking for those first green signs of Spring.  The 1st Garden Club of Warren, Ct was organized in 1927 and remained active until 1981. Their official motto was: 

“When you have a garden, you have a future. When you have a future, you are alive.”   

The Garden Club had guest lecturers, and themed luncheons. Part of their operating expenses listed a Sunshine Committee send out birthday cards to everyone in town. You can read the 1956 Keynote speech by Miss Edith Sackett on our website.  Visit >Archives>Historical Remembrances    #WarrenCT #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #GardenClub #KittyCurtis #LeslieCurtis #Spring #GreenAndGrowing 

March 22, 2022
Lucy Sackett Huth (1826-1918) did not know what a great gift she was giving when she had her memories recorded in a small handwritten book.  One hundred and eleven years ago her memories were read at a gathering to remember what life was like for the previous generation.  The youngest of 6 daughters of Justus and Polly Sackett grew up at 102 Melius Road, and shares stories of pranks, picnics, and life in the 1860s.  The second photo is from 1911 when the town gathered at the church to celebrate the times before sewing machines and calling cards.  You can read the whole story on our website, > Archives > Historical Remembrances
#WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #Archives #History #Memories #PreviousGenerations 

March 15, 2022
The Warren Historical Society would like to recognize Dorothy and Sandy Maier and their accomplishments.  The Maiers came to Warren in 1978 to retire and found themselves quite busy.  They served as EMTs for the Volunteer Fire Company, founders of the “Prime Timers”, a senior’s group that would meet up before Warren had a Parks and Recreation and were some of the founding members of the Warren Land Trust.  You can hike a 1.5-mile trail on Sackett Hill Rd at the Dorothy Maier Preserve across from the Elementary School.  Or listen to her oral history on our website.  #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistorical Society #WarrenLandTrust #OralHistory  

March 8, 2022
In honor of Women’s History Month, the Warren Historical Society recognizes the work of Elinor Andregg Hereth (1913-1989Hereth was town clerk, and she and her husband were active members of the SocietyHer work documenting land records of 54 older homes in Warren in the 1960s, before computers, before Warren roads had street numbers, was herculeanThank you, Elinor! #WarrenCT #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WomensHistoryMonth #TownClerk 

March 1, 2022
One room schoolhouses were all built on private property.  Once a school building was no longer needed, the structure was either repurposed or torn down.  The Northeast District School, on what is now Hardscrabble Road, closed in 1916.  All that remains is the foundation and the chimney. #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #OneRoomSchools #OneRoomSchoolsInCT #NorthEastDistrict 


February 25, 2022
Eighty years ago today, George Keith II completed the air watch tower to contribute to the war effort for WWII.  A 10’x10’ room, with a wood stove. A 360-degree walkway, and a telephone line to Mitchell Field so watchers could call in their sightings.  The tower was manned 24 hours a day by volunteers, starting with Keith, his wife, and 3 small children.  The number of watchers eventually grew to 200.    #WarrenCt #GeorgeKeithII #AirWatchTower #WatchingOurSkys #WWII #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #WeCanDoit 

February 22, 2022 
The middle of Winter brings dreams of warmer weatherAt one time the Center School was diagonally across the road from the Warren Store before it moved to across from the current day fire stationThese photos were most likely taken in the early 1920s when cameras became common household items#WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #SnowyDays #TheViewBackThen #SummerFields  

February 15, 2022 
Found in the vault: This Demijohn of Holland Gin was donated by O B Swift (1901-1984), a descendant of 4 generations of shop keepersThe HK & FB Thurber & Co (in business from 1875-1884.)  What fascinates me is the packaging of this glass bottleThe box has not been opened since it was first crated in 1878, and although the gin is long gone, you can still see bits of hay padding the bottle#WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #GeneralStore #Demijohn #WellPackaged #Gin #HollandGin 

February 8th, 2022 
The Marsh Whitlock house on Brick School is the oldest house in Warren and has been continuously occupied since it was built in 1738 This watercolor was made by one of the homes most (locally) infamous occupants, “Granny” Florence Doyle Carey. Mrs. Carey would paint old homes and taught art at the 4-H camp down the road The house did not have electricity until 1975 when Fred and May hill purchased the home in 1975. 
#oldesthouse #watercolor #saltboxhoues #winterscene #ArtTeacher #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety  

February 1, 2022 
Found in the Vault; This informal timeline may have been made for display when the Historical Society was still housed in the Academy BuildingIt reads “1st pay phone installed in Warren in 1898 / R. F. D. came to Warren in 1902 – We lost our Post Office / Black top roads and electricity came to Warren in 1930The envelope fragment is simply addressed to “First Selectman, Warren CT”.   
We also have a letter from an electrician soliciting his services to Arrow Point Farm, offering skilled workmanship and outlets installed at $4.00 per outlet. 



January 25, 2022
The Warren Historical Society is sad to learn of the passing of Lois Abrams.  She and her husband became residents of Warren in 1958. Her talents on the piano found her a position teaching at Rumsey Hall.  Mrs. Abrams was also a skilled typist. After leaving the teaching profession, she would transcribe works for Arthur Miller, Philip Roth, and Francine Du Plessix Grey.  #LoisAbrams #RestInPeace #TalentedWomen #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #WarrenCT  

January 18, 2022 
“December’s frost has prepared the ground for January’s snow” -Eric Sloane’s 1978 calendar full of New England scenes painted before returning to his studio in Taos, New Mexico. #WarrenCt #JanuaryinNewEngland #EricSloane #RedBarns #1978 #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety 

January 11, 2022 
Like it or not, Warren is no stranger to snow!   Can anyone date the vehicle being used to plow the roads? Or the man driving? #Brrrr! #Snowplow #WarrenCenter #WarrenCt #WarrenCtHistoricalSociety #tractor #vintagewinter

January 4,  2022
Greetings everyone! Is there anyone who could help me name the people in this photograph?
It was in the file for the Volunteer Fire Department, but there is nothing written on the back.
Thank you so much! #NameThatYear #PuttingNamesToFaces #OldPhotos #1970s #WarrenCT #WarrenCTHistoricalSociety #WarrenVolunteerFireCompany

From Left to Right:
Joyce Hultgren, Al Hultgren, Dan Davey, Rosie Burr, Marwin Burr, Regina Gallo Breton, Al Breton, Percy Allmond, Barbara Bamiyan, Robbie Rumble, Jim Babiyan, Felix Florio.
Seated: Celia Rumble, Les Kilmer