The Boulders Inn on Lake Waramaug

The Boulders Inn, located in Warren along Route 45, has reportdly be sold for $6 million for buildings and grounds. December 2013

In 1895 Nelson Mead built a cottage with a view of Lake Waramaug on 1000 acres which stretched from June Road to Tanner Hill. In 1901 the house was remodeled and a porch added. By 1903 Anna Mead Kellogg was the landowner and she built six cottages behind the main house and took in paying guests. Her daughter, Jane Lowe, opened the Boulders in 1951, The Boulders Inn on Lake Waramaug closed in early 2012.

3 thoughts on “The Boulders Inn on Lake Waramaug

  1. Jayne Kirkwood says:

    I was there in the late 50’s. The Kellogg’s owned it. Jane Lowe and her husband ran it. The food was wonderful. My friend and I stayed in the barn, her parents stayed in Cherry Pit. I went for two years with them. I loved it. Barbecues , croquet, barn dances. One of my most beautiful memories.

  2. Kathy Johnson Titus says:

    My family stayed in one of the back cottages in the mid 60’s. I remember the barn being kind of a rec hall where everyone hung out in the evening. I remember wonderful food and swimming in lake with my dad and brother. The memories have been forever emblazoned in my heart.

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