Veterans of the French and Indian War

The Seven Years’ War was the first world war with armies and naval forces engaged in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Called the French and Indian War in the colonies, it was the greatest military challenge faced by the Connecticut colony between the time of King Philip’s uprising and the American Revolution.
Jonathan and Ann Filer Sackett sent two of their sons into the conflict.  28 yr. old Jonathan Sackett served for 2 months under Captain James Peck of New Haven in the Fall of 1755 and his younger brother, Reuben, who served in the company of Capt. John Marsh’s Company of Litchfield for the relief of Fort William Henry in August 1757.

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  1. Andrew Miller says:

    I just saw your website for the first time today. I came to it because I am researching my grandparents Joseph Thayer and Abigail Sacket and I find it SUPER COOL that you have my grandfather Jonathan Sackett and uncle Rueben featured here. I would love for anyone there to contact me so that I can discuss having some research done. AWSOME!!!!

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